Mindy Meng Wang Phoenix Rising
LP / Digital (HEVMAC033)

Heavy Machinery Records and Music In Exile are proud to present Phoenix Rising the breathtaking new album from internationally renknowned Guzheng artist and master collaborator Mindy Meng Wang.

Mindy Meng Wang is a versatile Chinese/Australian composer and world-class modern Guzheng player. She was born and trained in China, and studied western musicology in the UK before emigrating to Australia.

A contemporary pioneer of the Guzheng, she introduces the ancient Chinese horizontal harp into many western genres including experimental, jazz, western classical, electronic and improvisation.

Her work is an important part of a significant movement of Chinese musicians redefining and reinvigorating their musical tradition on the global stage. Her long-term vision is to create a strong voice for young female composers and artists of Chinese heritage, and to create a deeper and reciprocal musical connection between Australia and China.

‘Phoenix Rising’ is her breathtaking new album which features a range of collaborative pieces with artists from across the musical spectrum including Paul Grabowsky, Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes), Fia Fell, Claire Edwardes, Daniel Jenatsch and Ma Haiping.

Phoenix Rising is an extremely deep and emotional record that flows out of my heart. The music takes you onto an intimate journey, it gently awakens profound feelings, resonates and amplifies until you are immersed in the softest part of your heart.

There are many colours mixed into the music: The sparkly dark blue of the ocean in the moonlight, the inky green over the misty mountains, the metallic grey of the mercury river, the translucent pink of the Sakura petals flying in the spring wind and the mat black of a black hole. It’s all there.

Phoenix Rising is a very important record for me, it sets a milestone for modern Guzheng music. The Guzheng had only ever been played traditionally for 2500 years in China. During the last decade, my artistic practice was about finding new techniques, tuning systems and musical potentials to unleash the Guzheng. In this record, I used many innovative ‘first ever’ techniques and reached out to various music styles that had never been touched before by the Guzheng.

This record represents a quantum leap for the Guzheng and should forever be remembered as a new chapter in the instrument’s history!’

– Mindy Meng Wang


1. Night Storm 雷雨夜眠迟 with Paul Grabowsky
2. Mother River 母亲,河 with Claire Edwardes
3. Frosty Mountain 冷山雾海 with Brian Ritchie
4. Ferrofluid 无穷
5. Undercurrent 暗涌 with Fia Fell
6. Activation 异变 with Ma Haiping
7. Stirring Flower 搅花 with Daniel Jenatsch

Phoenix Rising is out now on digital and in a limited heavyweight 12” gold vinyl edition featuring original cover art by Luke Fraser.

Stream the full album and order your gold vinyl here.

Brixx – Conversion Therapy
EP / Digital (HEVMAC023)

Heavy Machinery is proud to present Conversion Therapy the sophomore release from Melbourne electronic producer Brixx.

Brixx is a producer, composer and DJ influenced by cult cinema, new beat, EBM, post-punk and techno. Her music is underpinned by a darkness that slowly bubbles to the surface, acting as a lens through which to explore the human condition.

True to her creative foundations, Brixx’s latest release CONVERSION THERAPY is music about transformation. Rather than a narrative about repression or a forced change in sexual orientation, this release celebrates queer identity and disassociating from what it means to be heteronormative.

CONVERSION THERAPY is inspired by the gamut of emotions and subsequent journey leading up to and following the coming out process. The EP draws on the artist’s love of David Lynch, cult queer cinema classics and film composers such as Heathers’ David Newman. It’s a mental trip encompassing repressed desire, frivolity, transformation and ultimately acceptance – a late night soundtrack which drops you into a world tinged with darkness that encompasses techno, new beat, EBM and breaks.

For the Flash Forward program, Brixx has been paired with Melbourne visual artist BOOTLEG COMICS. The two artists have collaborated on the EP cover artwork for Conversion Therapy.

Conversion Therapy is out now on digital and in a limited edition of 300 heavyweight 12” black and white marble effect vinyl EP featuring original cover art by BOOTLEG COMICS .

Check out the EP and order your copy now.

Video by Alexander Akers

HTRK – Rhinestones
LP / Digital (HEVMAC048)

We are very proud to present Rhinestones – the gorgeous new album from iconic slowburn Melbourne duo HTRK.

Rhinestones is an elegant nine song suite of windswept emotion and heartbreak noir, crafted in skeletal arrangements of guitar, voice, metronomes, and FX. Inspired by a recent infatuation with “eerie and gothic country music,” Rhinestones moves from whispered lament to acoustic eulogy to downtempo vignettes, tracing muted embers of loss and lust through haunted city streets. Taking cues from the economy and brevity of western folk but skewed through a narcotic, nocturnal lens, the album maps enigmatic badlands of strung out beauty and lengthening shadows.

Nigel Yang cites friendship as a central muse, “particularly the forging of it, and its potential for new feelings of telepathy and trust.” Jonnine Standish’s wounded, alluring vocals echo similar mysteries of connection and unknown crossroads, poetic but direct, dream diaries faded with age and rain. The rhinestones of the title evoke the glittering plastic of cowboy glamor, yet “made precious somehow;” Standish cites as an example a baby blue star brooch from Texas, gifted to her “from a stoned friend on New Year’s Eve 10 years ago in Brighton – cheap keepsakes can be more valuable than diamonds.”

Even for a group as enduringly versatile as HTRK, Rhinestones is a revelation, condensing their lyrical alchemy to its simmering, magnetic essence. “Sunlight Feels Like Bee Stings,” “Reverse Déjà vu,” and “Gilbert and George” in particular are masterpieces of drama, delivery, and distillation, dried flowers clouded by smoke, the candle’s flame flickering but unforgotten: “Some things are not like the others / Some friends are not like the others / did I ever say / did I ever say / did I ever say thank you?”

Rhinestones is out now on digital and a limited edition heavyweight 12” vinyl LP featuring cover art by Jonnine Standish.

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Emma Donovan & The Putbacks – Under These Streets
LP / Digital (HEVMAC029)

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks return with their new album Under These Streets.

Following on from their success with Crossover (Hopestreet Recordings, 2020) but also on the edge of lockdown, acclaimed Indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan returned to Melbourne with her two daughters to be closer to slick rhythm combo The Putbacks. Into the studio they leapt, recording eight fresh tracks drawn from the mighty music vault of The Putbacks. Out The Door is the first of this selection, with the lyrics born from the band’s desire to create and make music together in the shadow of the global pandemic.

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks first burst on to the Australian scene with Dawn in 2014. In 2020, the release of Crossover highlighted Emma’s bruisingly honest lyrics performed alongside The Putbacks’ fluid, live and raw funk. This new and unexpected release showcases the band’s unity and incredible ability to create as one in the recording studio.

Emma Donovan grew up singing church songs with her grandparents on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia and her first secular gigs were singing in the family band, The Donovans, with her mother and five uncles. Throughout her career, she has toured and recorded with many of the mainstays of Indigenous music from Archie Roach to Dan Sultan and was a member of the Black Arm Band project. It was in this group that Emma met members of The Putbacks and their journey together began.

The Putbacks are stone cold pros, grizzled veterans of all the tours and all the studios. When they come together, they’re one of the tightest, sharpest, slickest, most dynamic musical units ever to exist. Their collaboration with Emma elevates their music and Emma’s songs to another level.

Limited edition heavyweight 12” Vinyl LP featuring cover art by Aretha Brown

Under These Streets is out now on digital and in a limited gatefold edition of 300 vinyl copies.

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Whitehorse – Death Weight
2LP / Digital (HEVMAC024)


Heavy Machinery Records and Sweat Lung are very proud present Death Weight – the absolutely gargantuan new double album from internationally revered Melbourne doom legends Whitehorse.

Having burdened the Earth with thunderous, noise-ridden sludge since 2004, the great unholy beast known as Whitehorse has dragged its carcass around the world, spewing audible viscera in its wake — and the band have the scars to prove it. For two decades, Whitehorse has toured extensively through the USA, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, rattling bars, venues and entire neighbourhoods with their heaviness and shaking the very souls of the punters.

Death Weight is their mind-alteringly heavy new album. Brutal and beautiful, intense and intricate, epic and electrifying – this expansive double LP lifts Whitehorse’s already stellar sonic practice to terrifying new heights. Folding together elements of grind, metal, sludge, industrial noise and general auditory carnage, ‘Death Weight’ is a long-form magnus opus that further cements the bands rightful place at the forefront of the international art-doom movement.

In early 2020 Whitehorse felt they were well on the way to finishing writing their 3rd album, then the world was turned on its ear and Melbourne around them entered into hibernation. Physically separate for months on end, while we all watched the world in throes of chaos, the 6 members of Whitehorse members kept ideas, sounds and discussions flowing.

Come August when Whitehorse were finally able to reconvene in their rehearsal space, they came at the material they had left early that year with altered ears. Writing, refining and adding to the body of work with somewhat of an understanding that the world for now had changed, everything was a little darker.

Whitehorse members have always been drawn from varied and different worlds, coming together to create something heavy. Death Weight is heavy. Themes of death, loss, despair, isolation, darkness and frustration drip through the riffs, swept along by the squalls of the electronics, hanging in the mist haze of the growls, awakened by the beat of the drums.

Whitehorse present Death Weight as the soundtrack to this unprecedented, mid-apocalyptic world we have found ourselves in. Soak in it for a while.

Death Weight is out now on  digital and in a limited edition of 300 heavyweight double 12” red and white vinyl album featuring original cover art by Brent Stegeman. Stream the full album and order your 2LP copy now.

Jake Blood – PRIX
LP / Digital (HEVMAC017)

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present PRIX, the debut LP from Melbourne electronic producer Jake Blood.

Jake Blood began DJing in Melbourne’s seediest night spots in 2006 under various aliases. Refining a record collection as time went on, Blood began sourcing classifieds for second hand drum machines, slowly building a techno rig. 

In 2010, he started playing improvised sets at Melbourne’s hottest late night clubs, pushing drum-heavy psychedelic acid techno. In 2014, Blood had a serious bicycle accident, quietly ending his club journey. After playing post-recovery performances for Bunker, and supporting Yamantaka Eye and My Disco in Hobart for Dark Mofo, Blood relocated to the Victorian Alps. Here, he began a love affair with an MPC2000XL and yoga, concentrating on all things health-related and searching for a different groove. 

 After spending time honing these new skills and playing illegal doofs in various forms, Blood moved back to the big smoke where he was forced into a universal state of isolation. During this isolation, Blood was able to reforge moods from the past with a level of positivity and forward thinking. With a refusal to follow the crowd and a content mindset, Blood crafts rough basslines, heavy kicks and shaky hats washed in alien synths and soaked in reverb to create a truly unique sound world.

PRIX is a highly original atmospheric work of singular artistic vision. Eerily psychedelic and highly evocative, the album conjures a slowly shifting kaleidoscope of feelings and moods. A distant memory of a rave, a disconnection from reality, dissociation from the environment.  A vessel of escape, taking the back streets to avoid the crowds, sound design twisted and crushed to its lowest fidelity. Moments sampled and resampled over and over; reliving the experience, losing definition with each replay.  Swirling, reverberating solitude.  An MPC2000XL crashing constantly, a bass with a broken string, some digital synths, FX, records and a tenor saxophone.

For the Flash Forward program, Jake Blood has been paired with Melbourne visual artist PRIX, who has created the artwork featured on this album’s cover design.

 Deluxe limited edition heavyweight green coloured 12” vinyl featuring cover art by PRIX. Limited pressing of 300 copies.

PRIX LP is out now, order your copy now.

The Amplified Elephants – Deep Creatures
LP / Digital (HEVMAC019)

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Deep Creatures the beautiful new album from Melbourne sound art group The Amplified Elephants.

The Amplified Elephants is a leading sound art ensemble made up of members Teagan Connor, Jay Euesden, Megan Hunter, Helen Kruljac, Robyn McGrath, Daniel Munnery, Kathryn Sutherland, Esther Tuddenham, Natalie Walters and James Hullick.

Deep Creatures is a blissful deep dive into a sonic world of freely associated imagination, exploring an interplay of electronic ambient sound, cinematic spaces, vocal work and poetry. This deeply evocative album outlines the abstract journey of a young woman called to the seashore. She dives down to a mysterious shipwreck filled with wondrous deep-sea creatures.

Called to the sea by The Following (performed by The Amplified Elephants) – a council of benevolent interdimensional aliens – a young woman is taken to a sunken ship where she unlocks a giant clay urn unleashing the godlike creature from within. She is transformed by this radical experience.

First single ‘Shipwreck’ draws the listener on an immersive waterworld journey. Cinematic sequences highlight some deeper dreamlike narrative at play. This ambient field recording washed track marks The Amplified Elephants ascending to the pinnacle of their arresting sonic abilities. Their expression and creative language made all the more ear catching through their lived experience and perception as artists living with neurological diversity.

The Amplified Elephants dive to great auditory and visual depths linking sonic art; video art; deep ocean creatures and their own take on the infinite brilliance of the creative mind. At times ambient; at times oceanic; at times strident with powerful sonic waves.l depths linking sonic art; video art; deep ocean creatures and their own take on the infinite brilliance of the creative mind. At times ambient; at times oceanic; at times strident with powerful sonic waves.

Deep Creatures is out now on digital and in a limited edition of 300 heavyweight 12” blue vinyl featuring cover art by James Hullick.

Check out the video for the single Shipwreck below and order your LP now.

Female Wizard – TIE​-​EE​-​YIE​-​EE​-​YIE​-​EE​-​YIME
LP / Digital (HEVMAC020)

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present TIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIME, the stunning debut full length album from Melbourne electronic producer Female Wizard.

Female Wizard has been a stalwart of the Melbourne dance music scene since taking up DJing in 2014. She initially made her mark by gathering and sharing a vast classic house record collection under the name Brooke Powers, playing feature sets at Golden Plains, Dark Mofo and Red Bull Music Academy’s Transliminal, The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and many more.

In 2019, Female Wizard took on her now trademark experimental and innovative DJ style. Exploring the weirder sides of techno, industrial, IDM and more, this style aims to create collective transcendence through powerful sonic immersion. Female Wizard’s debut at a Boiler Room and Discwoman collaborative event was followed by headlining sets at Hybrid Festival and Soft Centre, as well as mixes for Discwoman, and Boiler Room’s Hard Dance mix series. In 2020, Female Wizard made the shift to music production, releasing her first EP ‘Messy-Podge-Mania’ on local label Anterograde.

Female Wizard’s newest release is TIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIME – an anxious mix of IDM, slamming techno and mind-altering club energy. The artist describes the record as “an attempt to be blown out of linear time, to travel past and forward at once.”

The first single is the opening track ‘Post-Release’. This track is the first chapter of the release, setting up the sonic motifs that echo throughout the LP, while nodding toward hyper pop and 4 to the floor hard techno.

TIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIME is out now digitally and in a limited edition of 300 heavyweight 12” pink vinyl featuring cover art by Adam Price.

Check out the mind-bending video below and order your LP now.

Video by Baben Shin

LP / Digital (HEVMAC039)

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present I AM YOURS. AND I AM HERE AGAIN, the astoundingly heavy new album from Melbourne punk metal legends Diploid.

Since 2010, Diploid have been a primal force searing underneath the pyre of Australian heavy music. Crushing, urgent, depressing and fierce, few can stand toe to toe with the blistering vocals, thematic despair and rapid-fire instrumentals that strike straight at a listener’s pressure points. Diploid are antithetic to peace.

Diploid’s 2020 album ‘Glorify’ recently earned the band an award for Best Heavy Album from Music Victoria. International heavyweights such as Full of Hell, Cancer Bats and Integrity have all slotted Diploid on support for their shows. Heavy Experimental pioneers The Body have performed a collaborative improvised set with Diploid in 2019, and the band have blasted eardrums on tour in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.

Diploid’s fourth album, I AM YOURS. AND I AM HERE AGAIN is a masterclass in musical intensity where elements of grindcore, noise, black metal, hardcore punk, screamo and avant experimentalism are whipped into a cacophonous fury, while staggeringly extreme vocals explore lyrical themes of genocide and radicalisation.

Written on Wurundjeri land during a 100-day lockdown, the record picks at the feeling that nothing you do changes anything – the feeling that you can’t stop the pain in the world. The next chapter for Australia’s fiercest heavy act is about to begin. Prepare yourself.

I AM YOURS. AND I AM HERE AGAIN is out now digitally and on limited clear 12” vinyl LP edition featuring cover art by Mariam Benjemaa.

Get your limited edition copy now.

Safire & QQQ Akane – Slowly Rushing
LP / Digital (HEVMAC014)

Safire and QQQ Akane are a Melbourne multidisciplinary duo bound by creativity and community. These creative leaders act as the glue connecting people, experience and art; leveraging their craft of audio and visual design to stew a melting pot of forward thinking cool sh!t.

Collaboration is key when identifying their artistic practice. They seem to have an organic knack of creating parties/raves, record labels and releases, technical masterclasses and inclusive artistic spaces that place emphasis on community.

As artists independently, they have hit their respective heights. Ben Safire has toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia, representing Australian Drum and Bass on a global scale. As a musician and event curator he has built the foundations of bass music in Melbourne, collaborating locally and internationally with Noisia, Alix Perez, Dub Phizix, Zed Bias and DLR, to name but a few.

To limit QQQ Akane as a visual artist would be an injustice. While she is well known for her creative collaboration with Metalheadz boss Goldie and visual art with record label Plasma Audio, QQQAkane is an enigma of creativity that flows from fashion and dance to vocalism and music production.

Slowly Rushing is the debut long play from the seasoned duo. The album feels like the soundtrack to a warm night, sharing food on a big table with your friends and family. A dinner where the conversation is as filling as the meal. Before you know it, the table has disappeared and made room for a hazed-out dance floor, exploring non-verbal communication and telekinetic meditation.

Slowly Rushing broods warmth, taking notes from jazz, dub, hip-hop and bass music to hypnotically wrap around your consciousness like a snake to a snake charmer. QQQ Akane calls on her indigenous Amami roots of storytelling and musical styling, that simultaneously feels grounded whilst taking you further down the rabbit hole.

Safire and QQQ Akane have created their own world, a dinner party if you will, all they ask is you bring a plate and enjoy.

Slowly Rushing LP is out now, steam the full album order your LP here.  A proud co-release between Heavy Machinery Records and Chilla Holla.

Barney McAll – Transitive Cycles
LP / Digital (HEVMAC009)

Barney McAll‘s music is the rainbow in the oil slick of political and global chaos. He came up through the downtown 90s New York scene playing the piano with some of the great spiritual jazz heavyweights like Gary Bartz, Roy Ayers, Dewey Redman, and Billy Harper. He also submerged himself in a river of unadulterated funk with the likes of Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Clyde Stubblefield, and The Groove Collective which earned him a Grammy nomination.

Transitive Cycles is an enchanting cosmic composition for Rhodes, synth, horns, shakuhachi flute, bulbul tarang, double bass, Moog guitar, analogue electronics, percussion and Melbourne’s extraordinary public sound sculpture: the Federation Bells.

Recorded live at its Melbourne International Jazz Festival premiere, the work features interactive improvisation between the bells and an ensemble of sensational musicians, with McAll masterfully leading the interplay on keyboards and his self-made instrument ‘Chucky’ (various music boxes, glockenspiel, kalimba and electronics), creating an unforgettably ethereal soundscape on the banks of the Yarra River.

File under: experimental jazz / cyborg percussion / cosmic prog

Barney McAll – Rhodes, Chucky (self-made Instrument), Bulbul Tarang, Federation Bells

Julien Wilson – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet

Adrian Sherriff – Trombone, Moog Taurus, Shakuhachi Flute, Buchla Music Easel, Bata Drums

Steve Magnusson – Moog Guitar

Leigh Fisher – Drums, Modular Synthesis

Jordan Tarento – Acoustic Bass

First pressing of TRANSITIVE CYCLES is a limited gatefold edition of 300 copies on hot pink, yellow and tangerine splatter vinyl is out now.

Stream the album and purchase your limited edition LP now.

Jalang – Santau
LP / Digital (HEVMAC016)


Jalang (formerly Lái) play fast-paced and danceable D-beat punk, propelling the band’s ferocious vocals into the face of the listener. Vocalist Alda’s lyrics are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia and English, engaging with both her own and collective narratives that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia, and the diaspora in so-called Australia. Timmy (ExtinctExist, Pisschrist, Schifosi) on guitar and Tessa (Ubik, Masses) on bass were joined by Kyle (Sheer Mag) on drums in 2021.

‘Jalang’ in Bahasa Indonesia is one of those ‘odd’ words: when describing the masculine it means wild, feral, undomesticated; while for feminine figures it translates as promiscuous, slutty or evil — something the band aims to reclaim as a mark of feminine pride. Jalang invokes the band members’ diasporic and queer narratives through hardcore punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict with the world around us.

Recorded by Jason Fuller (Goatsound) at Tender Trap Studios in Melbourne, Santau is 11 tracks of incandescent punk energy from this supergroup of Melbourne underground music, tackling real world issues of politics, power and protest. Next-level musical performances, inspirational song writing and the relentless fury of Alda’s vocals combine to produce one of the most intelligent, crucial and viscerally exciting Australian punk releases in years.

File under: D-Beat punk, hardcore punk

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight red coloured 12” Vinyl LP with OBI Strip. Cover art by Alda (Deliriousinkarts) & Micah James (Scrawnart). Limited pressing of 300 copies.

J. P. Shilo – Jubjoté
LP / Digital (HEVMAC006)

Enigmatic multi-instrumentalist J.P. Shilo emerges from the shadows to present Jubjoté, a beautifully esoteric live reimagining of the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ.

Best known for his work with legendary Melbourne band Hungry Ghosts, as well as contributions to classic albums by Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey, Adalita, The Triffids and the Blackeyed Susans, Shilo’s unique musicianship is world-renowned. Here he lends his magic touch to the grand organ, guitar, synthesiser, electronics, sound collage and spoken word to produce a work of singular artistic vision.

Guided by the eternal motion of the Shepard Tone, the listener is plunged beyond the comfort of normalcy to consider a shifting subject position that cannot escape the churn of cultural progress. As L.J. Spruyt’s cover art suggests, Jubjoté invokes a reckoning with multiple concurrent realities. Shilo’s Grand Organ is by turns elegant, sick, beautiful and decrepit.

Backed for this live performance by Hungry Ghosts violinist & co-conspirator T. J. Howden, Shilo leads the capacity Town Hall audience through oscillations of neoclassical focus, wild-eyed psychedelia and avant-garde fragmentation.

For fans of: Klaus Shulze, Eliane Radigue, Olivier Messiaen & Ken Nordine

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight white, green and black effect coloured 12” Vinyl LP with OBI Strip. Cover image by L. J. Spruyt.

Video directed by L. J. Spruyt

Bacchus Harsh – Caveat Tumultum
2LP / Digital (HEVMAC011)

Bacchus Harsh is the alias of Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist Christian Bishop. Predominantly known in international music circles as Australian breakcore pioneer Xian, Bishop has expanded his already widescreen musical horizons to embrace an even broader creative cosmos under this new alias. Bacchus Harsh is the sonic embodiment of occult-themed electronics and deconstructed club music. De-territorializing exotica, occult psychedelia and industrial techno with polyrhythms and distorted blast beats, Bacchus Harsh confuses the dance floor.

Caveat Tumultum is an expansive double LP of icy post-breakcore industrial heaviness, where hallucinogenic cinematic atmospheres collide with sample-driven mania and complex mechanical rhythms. The resulting album is a 60 minute masterclass in foreboding electronic production, dystopian sonic manipulation and the thrillingly visceral experience of true underground party music.

File under: post-breakcore / industrial electronics / occult cinematica

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight silver coloured 12” Vinyl 2LP with OBI Strip. Cover art by Gabriel Nilsen, design by Luke Fraser. Limited pressing of 300 copies.

Video directed and edited by Christian Bishop
Cinematography by Ana Tiquia
Sculpture by Christian Bishop

Cale Sexton – Sustain
LP / Digital (HEVMAC007)

Australian cosmic electronica genius Cale Sexton presents Sustain – a stunning new work commissioned for Melbourne’s iconic outdoor sound sculpture the Federation Bells. Sexton combines this unique public musical instrument with fresh realms of cinematic electro synth and interstellar ambient techno to produce an intricate hybrid form of transcendental hardware psychedelia.

File under: electronic psychedelia / industrial percussion / euphoric synth

Album of the week – PBS FM

A fascinating form of hybrid interdimensional exoticaCyclic Defrost

A highly anticipated work in experimental electronicaTone Deaf

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight transparent blue, red and orange spatter coloured 12” Vinyl LP with OBI Strip. Art and Design by Luke Fraser.

Video directed by Jon Watts

Ehsan Gelsi – Ephemera
LP / Digital (HEVMAC010)

Melbourne electronic composer Ehsan Gelsi presents Ephemera – a spectacular new commissioned work for the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, Moog, Buchla, analogue electronics and live percussion. Gelsi’s composition is a groundbreaking hybrid progressive work showcasing the mammoth grandeur of the ten thousand pipe acoustic organ whilst exploring the full extent of the instrument’s electronic sequencing capabilities. The result is a majestic treat for organ aficionados, vintage synth heads and soundtrack enthusiasts alike.

File under: grand organ / progressive soundtrack / ecstatic electronica

Deluxe limited edition heavyweight maroon coloured 12” Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with OBI Strip. Art and Design by Luke Fraser. Cover painting by Benedict Sibley.

Video by Ben Willis

Bridget Chappell – Undertow
LP / Digital (HEVMAC005)



Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Undertow – the debut full length LP from Australian electronic composer and cellist Bridget Chappell (Hextape).

Bridget Chappell takes contemporary and historical data of local water management and water colonisation sourced from the City of Melbourne’s Open Data Platform, and runs it through a process of sonification to create UNDERTOW – a stunning original work composed for cello, electronics and Melbourne’s extraordinary public sound sculpture: the Federation Bells. The result is a searingly original data-driven work that combines neoclassical strings, industrial percussion and vaporwave textures to create an exciting and thought-provoking site-specific sound work.

Bridget Chappell is an award-winning Australian sound artist working on the unceded lands of the First Peoples of the Millewa-Mallee. Their often data-driven work explores colonial responsibility, the climate crisis, policing and surveillance, and rave nostalgia.

The land where Birrarung Marr Park and the Federation Bells now stand were underwater: forming part of a system of rivers, creeks, marshland and lagoons, much of which today has been driven underground and away from the city’s conscious face. Now contained in a network of drains, some trace an underground path mirroring – or mocking – the rivers’ original flow. Using the City of Melbourne’s Open Data Platform, Bridget Chappell combines contemporary and historical data of local water management and water colonisation. Through a process of sonification – the musical representation of visual data – they perform an original work: an aural painting of the last 185 years of the Birrarung River (“Yarra”) and Narrm bay (“Port Phillip”) composed for the Federation Bells and cello.

You may know Chappell in another life as the hardcore gabber, jungle, breakbeat, and techno project Hextape, but this is a very different world. Cyclic Defrost

Freshwater Falls’ is a masterclass in utilising outdated musical artefacts in a contemporary context. Great experimental electronica from an artist that has been making the most out of 2020. Weirdo Wasteland

Deluxe limited edition heavyweight transparent aqua and deep blue coloured 12” Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with OBI Strip. Art and Design by Luke Fraser. Cover photo by Neville Bowler.

Limited pressing of 300 copies

Out now – by your limited edition copy on Transparent Aqua and Deep Blue Vinyl here.

File under: Esoteric Electronics / Industrial Percussion / Contemporary Classical

Video directed by Henry Pyne

Naretha Willams – BLAK MASS
LP / Digital (HEVMAC004)


Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Blak Mass – the debut full length LP from Naretha Williams.

Commissioned by The City Of Melbourne for a live performance in 2019, BLAK MASS sees Naretha combine the gargantuan Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ with live electronics to realise her complex progressive compositions. BLAK MASS reflects on the city’s jarring civic history and the impact of colonisation on its First Peoples and Land, through an experimental, site specific musical performance developed for the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ.

BLAK MASS considers the Grand Organ as a significant symbol of European domination and reaches deep in to the psyche of the instrument to create a haunting, avant-garde sound work.

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight Blood Galaxy coloured 12” Vinyl LP with OBI Strip. Art and Design by Luke Fraser. Cover photo by Christopher Sutherland.

WINNERBest Experimental Avant-Garde Act – Music Victoria Awards 2019

Video directed by Goodworthy

New War – Trouble In The Air
LP / Digital (HEVMAC002)


Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, Trouble in the Air is a new song cycle composed for voice, bass guitar, electronics and the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ. Recorded live at the Melbourne Town Hall. The band describes the work as a “cold dream of uncertainty & rupture”.

Deluxe limited edition gatefold heavyweight coloured 12” Vinyl LP (Halloween orange spatter and black vinyl variants). Art and design by Luke Fraser. Super limited edition of 300 copies only.

★★★★ Album of the weekThe Age

Has there been a truer album title for the times we live in? Recorded live in 2017, New War’s Trouble in the Air is their third album in a little over a decade but true to form, this Melbourne four-piece has again steered clear of any sense of convention and done their own thing, spectacularly.

The centrepiece here is Melbourne Town Hall’s glorious four-storey high Grand Organ with Jesse Shepherd at the keys. These seven tracks ooze with a weighty, existential mood that’s complimented by equally trippy rhythms and singer Chris Pugmire’s post-punk howl.


Videos by Agostino Soldati

Sarah Mary Chadwick – The Queen Who Stole The Sky
LP / Digital (HEVMAC003)

Sarah Mary Chadwick ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ LP – released on limited edition blue 12″ vinyl in deluxe gatefold sleeve in collaboration with  RICE IS NICE (AUS) April 12 + Sinderlyn Records (US / EU) April 19 2019. Cover art by Sarah Mary Chadwick

The Queen Who Stole The Sky is Chadwick’s most plangent, resonant work. While all her past records have been result of the strength of her intent and talent, there’s something shocking about the austere composition of this album that feels as if it’s coagulated Chadwick’s vision into a ferocious, arresting whole. The Queen Who Stole The Sky is rarely an easy listen – it is terrifyingly loud and heartbreakingly vulnerable, often grotesque in its sadness – but the sense of pure catharsis it elicits is unparalleled.

★★★★★ – The Guardian

The Queen Who Stole the Sky was performed and recorded live on the Melbourne Town Hall’s historic grand organ, and its 147-year-old Victorian-era engineering allows for vast, unending tones and sepulchral bellows. It’s a sound that can create its own reality, which is something the New Zealand expatriate has been doing since leaving her breakthrough band Batrider for a solo career. Self-analysis and furious reasoning are a constant in Chadwick’s work, but the grand organ’s stark textures provide a new landscape that reaches a wrenching culmination on I Just Came to Pray.

★★★★ Album of the weekSydney Morning Herald  


Video by Agostino Soldati


CLING CLANG: Compositions for Computer-Controlled Bells and Australian Electronics
LP / Digital (HEVMAC001)

CLING CLANG is a compilation of new original dark electronic works specially commissioned for the City of Melbourne’s extraordinary outdoor industrial sound sculpture the Federation Bells.

Featuring new works by Forces, Zanias, friendships, Naretha Williams, Kangaroo Skull, Vacuum, Ash Wednesday and OK Sure.

Ear-shearing techno, pounding EBM, experimental electronics and minimal wave atmospherics will meld with the exotic sounds of this peculiar public percussion robot: creating a world-exclusive sound art / dark dance hybrid – perfect for music nerds, electro goths and techno enthusiasts alike.

File under: Esoteric Electronics / Industrial Percussion / Experimental Dance

Released as a Deluxe 12″ LP in a Gatefold sleeve in a limited edition of 300 copies.


Video by Misha Grace