Big Yawn

Heavy Machinery Records and Research Records are proud to present Pressure Acts the spectacular new EP from Melbourne electronic quartet Big Yawn.

Big Yawn make experimental electronic music by fusing a wash of sweeping synthesizers, heavily refracted vocal sampling, motorik style percussion and disorientating dub FX.

Their latest studio release ‘Pressure Acts’ creates a space where breaks compete with live drums compete and drones. Relentless pummelling bass lines and kinetic dub fx come standard.

Big Yawn’s energetic and unrelenting live performances create a definitive impression on this release. The sonic textures in the record are lush, stoned, frenetic and fun. The music is sinister yet also tongue-in-cheek — Phil Collins and Slipknot may have even been sampled.

The first single ‘Ragazzo’ is ideal for joy rides in HSVs and/or flaunting at the local disco parlor – a tongue in cheek, dank blend of YMO style pop hooks, driving bass, delicate synths, and a motorik pulse.

Pressure Acts is out now on digital and in a limited edition of 300 heavyweight 12” black  vinyl EP featuring original cover art by Gab Cole.