Curse Ov Dialect

Heavy Machinery Records is very excited to present Dark Days Bright Nights the brilliant new album from Australian experimental hip hop legends Curse Ov Dialect.

Curse ov Dialect have revolutionised the language of hip hop throughout decades of music making. Across eight album releases and 25 years of performances, they have defined and pioneered a new golden age of rap — playful, poetic, enlightened and essential.

The group began in 1994 with three friends from Melbourne’s multiculturally rich outer suburbs. The group has mutated and evolved into its current form of Atarangi, The Maltese Well Monster (formerly known as Raysless), Volk Makedonski and Paso Bionic.

Curse Ov Dialect are internationally renowned for their intense live performances involving elaborate symbolic costumes, audience participation, and Dadaist stage theatrics. Cultures are bridged, traditions are taught, stereotypes and rules are broken. The heaviest beats are matched with unexpected samples from every era of music and every corner of the globe. Each MC brings a powerful voice against ignorance.

‘Dark Days Bright Nights’ is their stunning new album. Bursting with revolutionary energy, sociopolitical fervour and a laser focus on the hypocrisies of Australian culture, this watershed double album powers past the medio-core masses to enshrine Curse Ov Dialect at the forefront of intelligent, original, musically astute hip hop worldwide.

Dark Days Bright Nights is out now on digital and a limited double vinyl LP edition featuring cover photography by Paso Bionic.

Check out the full album and order your double vinyl now.