Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Bunya, the mystifying new EP from Naarm based sonic wizard and avant composer Diimpa.

Diimpa is solo artist William Cooper whose compositions are organic soundscapes that grow upon themselves in mischievous ways. Playing a mix of analogue synths and acoustic instruments, Diimpa draws inspiration from fast paced minimalism to healing ambient music, all from a queer autistic Murri perspective.

Eclectic and esoteric, Diimpa is an avant-garde composer, soundscape-weaver and sonic wizard, whose music takes inspiration from his experiences as a proud autistic, Gubbi Gubbi queer man. Diimpa works with keyboard instruments such as analogue synths, music box, glockenspiel and accordion to create worlds of effortless magic and sound. Filled with electric pulses and ambient textures, Diimpa’s music is, at its heart, transcendent.

A keen interest in durational pieces has seen Diimpa play eight-hour improvisations as a part of Yirramboi Festival, Blakheart Festival, and Sustenance at Arts Centre Melbourne for Fringe Festival 2016. Diimpa has also performed at Meredith Music Festival and the Melbourne International Arts Festival, and was nominated as ‘Best Experimental/Avant-garde Act’ for Music Victoria 2019.

Bunya, his second release as Diimpa, explores a healing, softer world that still teems with life. In the four track EP, Bunya inhabits sounds of elated textures, boggy messes, and surreal bliss.

Opening with intimate music box track Bergamot, the record’s title track is then blown wide open with twinkly synths in an ecstatic ode to trees and cicadas. After the rise comes Lichen, which plunges the EP into worlds of dreaming; of huge cliffs crashing in slow motion. Creeping in last comes Moss with haunting bass clarinet loops, ending the record in an uncertain sputter.

Bunya is out now on digital and as a limited green vinyl EP edition.
Check out this beautiful record in full and order your vinyl copy now.