Dream Fiend

Heavy Machinery Records is excited to announce Outland, the excellent new album from Melbourne synthwave genius Dream Fiend.

Created by Jay Babinall in 2012, Dream Fiend composes and remixes music influenced by sun-soaked beach funk, synthwave, nu-disco and chillwave to inspire and uplift all dreamers tuning in. Dream Fiend offers a glimpse into a multidimensional world we can live in through music inspired by nostalgic melodies, funky bass riffs, classic video games, neon landscapes, and a hopeful future.

The face of the project Dream Fiend is a 1980s anime-inspired character that takes the form of a cloud – he’s a young dream navigator here to assist all forms of life in the dream state to ensure that dreams are amazing experiences for all.

Outland is a journey through time and space, and Dream Fiend is your guide. The album also features special guest appearances from Australian synthwave luminaries September 87, Gryff and Killstarr.

Outland is out now on digital and via limited transparent double LP edition.

Check out the full album and order your limited edition 2LP now.