Mindy Meng Wang

Heavy Machinery Records and Music In Exile are proud to present Phoenix Rising the breathtaking new album from internationally renknowned Guzheng artist and master collaborator Mindy Meng Wang.

Mindy Meng Wang is a versatile Chinese/Australian composer and world-class modern Guzheng player. She was born and trained in China, and studied western musicology in the UK before emigrating to Australia.

A contemporary pioneer of the Guzheng, she introduces the ancient Chinese horizontal harp into many western genres including experimental, jazz, western classical, electronic and improvisation.

Her work is an important part of a significant movement of Chinese musicians redefining and reinvigorating their musical tradition on the global stage. Her long-term vision is to create a strong voice for young female composers and artists of Chinese heritage, and to create a deeper and reciprocal musical connection between Australia and China.

‘Phoenix Rising’ is her breathtaking new album which features a range of collaborative pieces with artists from across the musical spectrum including Paul Grabowsky, Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes), Fia Fell, Claire Edwardes, Daniel Jenatsch and Ma Haiping.

Phoenix Rising is an extremely deep and emotional record that flows out of my heart. The music takes you onto an intimate journey, it gently awakens profound feelings, resonates and amplifies until you are immersed in the softest part of your heart.

There are many colours mixed into the music: The sparkly dark blue of the ocean in the moonlight, the inky green over the misty mountains, the metallic grey of the mercury river, the translucent pink of the Sakura petals flying in the spring wind and the mat black of a black hole. It’s all there.

Phoenix Rising is a very important record for me, it sets a milestone for modern Guzheng music. The Guzheng had only ever been played traditionally for 2500 years in China. During the last decade, my artistic practice was about finding new techniques, tuning systems and musical potentials to unleash the Guzheng. In this record, I used many innovative ‘first ever’ techniques and reached out to various music styles that had never been touched before by the Guzheng.

This record represents a quantum leap for the Guzheng and should forever be remembered as a new chapter in the instrument’s history!’

– Mindy Meng Wang


1. Night Storm 雷雨夜眠迟 with Paul Grabowsky
2. Mother River 母亲,河 with Claire Edwardes
3. Frosty Mountain 冷山雾海 with Brian Ritchie
4. Ferrofluid 无穷
5. Undercurrent 暗涌 with Fia Fell
6. Activation 异变 with Ma Haiping
7. Stirring Flower 搅花 with Daniel Jenatsch

Phoenix Rising is out now on digital and in a limited heavyweight 12” gold vinyl edition featuring original cover art by Luke Fraser.

Stream the full album and order your gold vinyl here.