Nate Lust

Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Club Medic the ground-breaking debut album from Melbourne experimental hip hop provocateur Nate Lust.

A self-described ‘hot boi alien,’ Nate Lust is a performance artist, vocalist and former club entity for Melbourne audio/visual outfit friendships and experimental rap group RaRa. Lust has toured the US, supporting A Tribe Called Quest among others, and played festivals around Australia, including Golden Plains, Soft Centre, NYE on the Hill and Pitch Festival.

His solo album debut, Club Medic, is a culmination of club hierarchy, politics and a sense of placement/belonging. Lust playfully observes the club as a haven for social hedonism-turned self loathing, doubt and depreciation – the dichotomy of comedic euphoria and guerning, gnashing with the crashing anxiety of the real world looming.

On Club Medic, Lust meticulously grinds through disjointed and deconstructed hip hop, shearing synthesis and dance intelligence wrapped in the framework of ‘70s psychedelia to produce a wonderfully warped and staggeringly original long-form debut.

Club Medic is out now on digital and a limited clear 12” vinyl LP edition featuring cover photography by Ami Taib.

Check out the full album and order your LP now.