Heavy Machinery Records proudly presents Black Medusa, the unapologetic debut LP from Melbourne electro hip hop genius Racerage.

Racerage is a queer Black radical rapbrat – spitting bars and shattering white fragility with hard-hitting lyricism, smooth harmonies and wry wit. They collaborate primarily with other First Nations, POC, queer and trans producers, artists and performers, exploring themes of intersectional feminism, decolonisation, class, genocide, and life in the queer bubble.

Racerage infuses dark electronic hip hop with defiant punk energy and a unique colourful DIY aesthetic. Their collaborating producers span a diverse range of genres from trap, to old school hip hop, boom bap, cruisey reggae styles, noise pop and experimental beats. Drawing all these sounds together with their dynamic vocals to create frosty politi-cute protest rap, Racerage takes their audience on a journey across the emotional spectrum, intertwining the personal with the political.

Black Medusa is a record based around the themes of trauma, exploring different paths to healing and finding strength in speaking truth to power.

Racerage conceptualises the mythology of Medusa through the lens of their lived experiences; a Black Medusa, a queer Medusa, a disabled Medusa, whose “monstrosity” in the eyes of oppressors lies in their staunch subversion and defiance.

This Medusa’s gaze is more fire than stone; lasers boring through the falsehoods of capitalism, the criminal injustice system, white beauty standards, white fragility, ableism and coloniser history books.

This record is the soundtrack to a shared decolonised, queer, accessible future; spitting on and rising from the ashes of the systems we burnt down together.

Black Medusa is out now on digitally and in a limited lurid orange vinyl LP edition.

Check out the full album and order your limited edition vinyl copy now.