Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present Gap Tooth the sensational new album from Melbourne art prog innovators Jaala.

Known for their off-kilter art rock, Melbourne three-piece Jaala is fronted by the enigmatic Cosima Jaala, who delivers bold and plaintive vocals with jaggedly syncopated guitar lines, alongside textural and elastic rhythms prodigiously executed by drummer Maria Moles and otherworldly synth palettes generated by electronic artist Fia Fiell.

Gap Tooth, the band’s first album in its current three-piece formation, is a departure from their previous output, trading the raw urgency of the earlier records for a melting and celestial surreality.

Gap Tooth is Jaala in slow-motion, from the tender assurances of opener All Here into the sweet dysphoric disdain of Fuck To The Radio – syrup-haze guitar and synth coil into the songs like uncanny ivy. Beating-heart, warm low-end waves of Workhorse mushroom into cloudy, soft-focus lulls and playfully misanthropic sun-flares as the album wades toward the soulful swagger of Which Way. Gap Tooth pulses and flashes languorously before resolving into the giant, blooming crescendo of I Love You (DJ Set) and its delicate, fugue-clarity afterglow, Catterpil.

This incredible achievement flows with unpredictable dream-logic, never settling on discernible pop hooks or traditional verse/chorus song structures. Merging experimental folk, dream pop, a disposition for the baroque, and self-professed ‘slag-country’, the album finds humour and hope in the disorientation of time passing and leaving youth behind.

Gap Tooth is out now on digital and a limited black 12” vinyl LP edition featuring cover art by Cosima Jaala.

Check out the full album and order your LP copy now.