Heavy Machinery Records is proud to present the beautiful debut self-titled album from Melbourne electronic composer and producer Kalaji.

Kalaji is the electronic musical alias of actor and artist Mark Coles Smith, a Nyikina man from the Martuwarra (Fitzroy River) in North Western Australia. The project has been a long running personal exploration of Nyikina country, lore and spiritual imagery translated through his passion for sound design, audio art and field recording.

Produced on Country in the North of Western Australia, the work is an astonishing combination of remote field recordings, multi-instrumentation and cutting-edge sound design, all brought together into a sonic exploration of country, culture and consciousness in the age of technology. The resulting soundtrack is one of meticulous detail and depth, with all of its focus on delivering the listener across a sonic dreamscape that is as hypnotic as it is haunting.

Inspired by the Nyikina word for whirlwind, ‘Kalaji’ is a dreamlike arrangement of wandering analogue synthesis and delicate acoustic sampling. Much of the lyrical material divulges partial sections of a long form mythological narrative set across multiple generations on country. Constructed through a mixture of natural and technological sound sources, the resulting composition blends a range of musical inspirations – from ambient and downtempo, through to archival audio and modern dance music.

The artist writes: “The themes that circle and inspire the work are deeply personal, but don’t belong to me. Reflections on heritage and culture, and the intersecting relationships of technology with the natural world. There is this amalgam of influences that make me who I am, and shape what I’m interested in, both musically and culturally, there is so much about the modern world that I am in awe of and inspired by, but there are also aspects of my Nyikina heritage that extend beyond words for me. In the end, I wanted to create something fragile, and beautiful and strange, as a part of the conversation I was having with country itself.”

Kalaji is out now on digital and as a limited red vinyl edition.

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