null hypothesis

Heavy Machinery Records is thrilled to present Party Music For Popular People the mind-bending new album from Melbourne electronic genius null hypothesis.

Are you a person? Are you popular? Do you like parties? Well, this album is made with you in mind. null hypothesis unceremoniously thrusts this screeching, mewling gift into your arms like an unwanted baby in a supermarket parking lot, confusingly accompanied by an ugly handmade card. Go on, take it. Have a nice life.

Party Music For Popular People is a multifaceted journey, exploring the chasms and peaks between relentlessly danceable noise cutups and gently nuanced ambience. Drawing inspiration from genres such as breakcore, neoclassical, death metal, donk, hip hop and chiptunes, the album somehow manages not to sound like any of them. Rather, if those genres had factories, PMFPP would be the dumping ground for their industrial waste.

On a technical and creative level, PMFPP is the product of challenge, an enforced expansion of skills. It captures the introspective vacuity that accompanies a lockdown-fuelled obsession with broadening musical horizons and learning new production techniques…all the while dancing around the bedroom to endless livestreams. The only wafts of meaning take the form of facetious self-effacement and nods to daft tropes. It’s dark, it’s brutal, it’s wry, it’s fun, it’s stupid. It may not articulate anything important, but it’s a love-letter to all the things that keep us us, while we can’t do any of the things that make us, us.

Party Music For Popular People is out now on digital and in a limited green 12” vinyl LP edition featuring cover art by Larissa MacFarlane and null hypothesis.

Check out the full album order your LP copy now.