V Faithless
2LP / Digital (HEVMAC051)



Powerhouse Naarm underground artist V presents Faithless – a mesmerising post-industrial composition for synth, voice, bass, vintage electronics, Mini Pops drum machine, choir, tape manipulation and Melbourne’s extraordinary public sound sculpture: the Federation Bells.


On Faithless, sepulchral vocals and arpeggiated percussion are warped, distorted and mutated through an ever evolving cycle of cosmic gothic miasma, producing a haunting meditation on loss, yearning, psychic devastation and the failures of mental healthcare in contemporary Australia.


V (born 28 March, 1986) is a gender non conforming underground Australian / English singer, bassist, synth player, artist, producer and studio engineer. Their music practice was forged in the hardcore and leftist scene in Berlin and later fine tuned in Naarm (Melbourne). With a background in visual arts, V brings a unique and dynamic perspective to their music and live performances and is noted for their engaging live shows.

V’s music is heavily influenced by the synth explosion in new wave and darkwave music in the 80s, and their music has been described by Rough Trade UK as “constructed out of eroded body parts from the fertile ground of early 80s year zero times” or “Soft Cellian rumbles in the fog”. Mesh Magazine describes V’s music practice as “Sharp and politically engaged, V’s powerful stage presence, industrial beats, dilated physicality and dynamic vocality mesh the right kind of magic…”.

V has performed with artists including Eartheater, Molchat Doma, Viagra Boys, Kontravoid, Tamaryn, Anika, Dispossessed, Alex Cameron, Nun, Divide and Dissolve, I Heart Hiroshima, Spike Fuck, Habits, RVG, June Jones, Buzz Kull, Lucy Cliché, Marcus Whale and Circle Pit.

Faithless is out now on digital and a limited double white vinyl edition featuring cover art by cover design by Luke Fraser and photography by Lucinda Eva-May.
Check out the single ‘Faithless’ (featuring the Faithless Choir, directed by Hunny Machete) and order the album HERE.


File under: darkwave / experimental electronics / industrial percussion