Aarti Jadu

Heavy Machinery Records is honoured to present L’ECOLE DE LA CAZ, the truly mesmerising new album from Melbourne sound artist Aarti Jadu.

Described as “an alien folk album”, L’ECOLE DE LA CAZ explores displacement, belonging and isolation with stories that negotiate the material and the ethereal. A time capsule of a home lost; as one moves in multiple directions of change, travelling across, ascending, and transcending.

The first taste of the record is opening track IT / THAT – a poem acknowledging the interchangeability between that which is classified object and human. Spelling out a list of earthly qualities, the chant presents flaws that are associated with living, affirming self-acceptance and the reality of being. It is a multilingual song of earth language and alien, delivered through electronic manipulation as these characters communicate this celebration of self from afar. A symphony of heavenly strings throws the voices into the vastness spiralling away in zero gravity.

The 7 track LP begins in a setting of another world. A select group of basic schoolfemmes are summoned by authorities to test uncharted territory without prior warning. Through the course of the album, they sing their experience of being uprooted and flying, of time in strength and connectivity, of pensive moments and the inevitable growth in journey. In contrast, shadowing their path is an entity, branded and lone. This being symbolises ‘other’ that quietly lurks, reminding the subjects of what they have together; company, identity, conversation, memories, a sense of home and belonging.

L’ECOLE DE LA CAZ is out now on digital and in a limited clear vinyl edition.

Check out the full album and order your copy LP now.